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Please read these warnings before buying any insurance.   

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The  information here has been reproduced from the National Kidney Federation Website where you can always find the most recent information.  The NKF and NWRKPA cannot accept responsibility for information provided. It is for guidance only.  It is important that
you do not book your holiday until you have taken out holiday insurance that covers you for a ‘pre-existing’ medical condition (see warning below).

Most standard policies will not provide the type of cover required by kidney patients.

Note: Insurance companies can and do change their Terms & Conditions - always ensure you have current information on policies. Also note that insurance companies usually take each case on its merits; It is usually a case of phoning around and finding the one that is the most suitable for you.

Remember that in Europe, in addition to the correct holiday insurance, you should also carry a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (see NKF website  for more details).

WARNING - Many Insurance Companies take on new policies without asking any medical questions. They are able to do this because they rely on a clause in the small print which says that they will not cover pre-existing medical conditions. Patients must realise that such policies do not give them insurance cover, and that any claims made as a result (both directly and indirectly) of existing kidney disease or other illness under such a policy, would not be honoured in the event of a claim. Whether you were accepted (without disclosing existing illness) and are paying the premium, is irrelevant in such cases. To travel abroad without insurance that covers you for your pre-existing medical conditions could be financially catastrophic to you.

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