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Kidney Patients’ Association
Registered Charity No: 516871
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Born in the year the NHS was founded, Dennis ’crash landed’ into the renal world more than 44 years ago.
He has first hand experience of peritoneal, hospital and home based haemodialysis, and failed and successful transplantation.
A founder member of the North West Region KPA in 1983, he worked on a voluntary basis for more 20 years with renal and transplant related organisations regionally and nationally prior to being appointed to his part time salaried NKF advocacy post in April 2004. The role has three main parts to it.

a).To provide information and support to individual patients and carers on a wide range of matters, clinical and otherwise, and acting as an advocate for them where they so wish.
b). Working with local kidney patient associations and like minded groups.
c). Representing patients and carers interests through membership of regional and national kidney care groups developing future renal services.

Dennis has given presentations on his experience as a patient and on his work at the Royal College of Physicians, the British Renal Society, and the NKF annual conferences, among others.
He received the MBE for services to people with kidney disease in 2002.
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DLA and AA can be considered for any illness, disability or condition, either physical or non-physical, based on the extra help you may require with personal care, supervision and/or mobility.  We look at how your condition affects your ability to manage in the home, and also (for DLA) out of doors.  Help with the activities of daily life, such as getting out of bed, dressing, moving around indoors etc are all taken into account.  If you are under 65 and have walking limitation or need someone with you to go outside, we can also consider this as well.

You do not need to be in receipt of other State Benefits in order to apply.

People in education, training or employment may qualify

Benefit is both tax-free and non-contributory

Benefit is not means-tested income and savings are totally disregards

Anybody who has increased needs can apply
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