The North West Region
Kidney Patients’ Association
Registered Charity No: 516871
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Guy Hill


Geoff Burgess

Vice Chair

Dr Simon Jenkins

Committee Member

Linda Maskell-Glynn

Newsletter Editor

Anwar Elahi


Steve Caddick

Christmas Cards

Barbara Taylor Committee Member

Freda Hird

Membership Secretary

Mark Ball


Dr Arijit Sen

Committee Member

Wajid Iqbal

Committee Member

Richard Jenkins Committee Member

Margaret Bennett Secretary

All the above Committee members are kidney patients who work for and give their time to the North West Region Kidney Patients' Association.

They do this work on a completely voluntary basis and receive no payment from the association funds or from any other source.  

You can be assured that ALL of any donations you make to the NWRKPA will go to the support of kidney patients in the North West region.

If you wish to support the work done by the NWRKPA for kidney patients, please click on the 'Donate' button for more information.

The North West Region Kidney Patients' Association is a Registered Charity No: 516871.

Thank you.....
The NWRKPA Committee
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